How to become a Delegator on The Graph network by delegating your GRT using The Graph dApp

4 min readOct 31, 2022

This step-by-step guide will explain how to delegate your GRT and earn staking rewards.

This guide is divided into 3 steps:

1) Add GRT to your Metamask;

2) Delegate your GRT to an Indexer via The Graph Network dApp;

3) Manage your delegation operations.

Step #1. Adding GRT to your Metamask

If you never had GRT tokens in your Metamask wallet then you need to add them first to Metamask. To do this please follow this simple guide:

  1. Open your Metamask extension, scroll down and press “import tokens”, then search for GRT, press the “Next” button, and then “import tokens”.

PS you can always add GRT tokens manually buy switching to the “Custom token” tab and adding the following information listed below:

  • Token Contract Address: 0xc944e90c64b2c07662a292be6244bdf05cda44a7
  • Token Symbol: GRT
  • Decimals of Precision: 18

Please note that making any transactions with your GRT tokens in your wallet will require a small amount of Ethereum to pay transaction fees, so ensure that you add some.

2) Delegating your GRT to an Indexer via The Graph Network dApp;

Go to, in the upper right corner select “Connect” and choose Metamask extension, then connect your wallet.

How to connect Metamask to the Network Beta dApp

After you successfully connected your Metamask account you will find your account displayed in the upper right corner of the dApp. You can click it to see your GRT balance and disconnect or switch between accounts.

To start delegating, navigate to the “Delegating” tab, and press “Find an indexer”.

After that, you’ll see the indexers list. Сhoose the indexer you like best.

You can always support our Indexer with some delegation. We offer competitive APY and 100% uptime.

Indexer name: stakecraft-indexer.eth

Our full Indexer address: 0x51637a35f7f054c98ed51904de939b9561d37885

In the overlay menu that appears choose the amount of GRT, you want to delegate to the respective validator. Please note that delegating incurs a fee of 0.5% on the amount you are delegating.

Click “Allow GRT Access”, this allows to Metamask to delegate your GRT.

Then click “Delegate” and “Submit Transaction” to continue. Then click “Confirm” in the Metamask Notification window to allow the dApp to spend your GRT. Afterward, click “Confirm” to transmit your delegation transaction.

Parameters Cooldown refers to the amount of time that needs to pass before an Indexer can change its’ query fee or its’ indexing reward cut.

In case you are using a Ledger, you need to approve and sign the transactions on your device as well.

Please note that this might take a while — hang in there and do not reload the page.

That’s it! You successfully delegated your GRT. Enjoy earning profit with StakeCraft Indexer.

Please note that the network is bootstrapped and subgraphs will transition from the hosted service to mainnet in the course of the next few weeks. Hence, the amount of query fees one can earn is limited at the moment.

Step 3: Manage your delegation operations

You can always manage your delegation operations via dApp.

Click on your address in the upper right corner of the dApp and in the dropped-down menu select “Delegating” to find an overview of the Indexers you are delegating to. Within this menu, you can choose to undelegate or delegate more GRT to the respective delegator. Alternatively, you can also do this within the Indexer overview that you find on the main page of the Network Beta dApp.

Please note that when you unbond your GRT, they remain locked and illiquid for a period of 28 days. There is no delegator slashing implemented in The Graph and you can choose to delegate any amount of GRT.

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