How to nominate Moonriver

With this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to nominate your MOVR and how to choose a collator with the best metrics and highest APY.

First, go Go to this website, ensure you have a MetaMask wallet.

It will automatically offer you to add Moonriver network.

P.S. you can add the Moonriver network by yourself. It’s easy.

Navigate to the Networks tab and click the “Add Network” button.

In here, fill out the following information and then click Save:

· Network Name: Moonriver


· ChainID: 1285

· Symbol (Optional): MOVR

· Block Explorer (Optional):

That’s it! You have successfully connected MetaMask to the Moonbeam deployment on Kusama, Moonriver.

Nominating your MOVR

Before nominating your tokens we highly recommend you to analyse the list of collators and to choose a collator with one of the best APY’s.

Our friends from developed a service to monitor the performance of each collator in the Moonriver network.

We recommend that you do not neglect this advice and spend 5 min of your time choosing a collator with good metrics because your choice will determine your staking income.

StakeCraft collator confidently holds its position in the TOP5 list of the collators with the best APY’s since the beginning.

StakeCraft Collator metrics
StakeCraft Collator metrics

Attention! Ensure you are on the Moonriver network.

The nomination process includes several steps to be completed:

1. Fund your wallet with some MOVR.

2. Select StakeCraft validator.

Our collator address is 0xb7Ab89933d2F16E6d183aAdcc5032bA17d6a5aEC

We would greatly appreciate your support.

3. Enter the amount of MOVR you want to stake or nominate with.

4. When you are all set click “Nominate” button.

Once you click nominate the transaction will be submitted and you should see a successful transaction on the website but also from Metamask.

That’s it! You successfully nominated your MOVR. Enjoy earning profit with StakeCraft collator.

You can also view your nominations after a successful transaction. You can increase your bond or decrease your bond as needed.

Sincerely yours,

StakeCraft team.

You can find us:

· Twitter

· Discord

· Telegram

· Email us



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